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President Jair Bolsonaro published Law 14.073 / 2020 in the Official Gazette (DOU) of this Thursday, which provides for a series of measures to help Sport. But The sanction was accompanied by several vetoes – 12 in all – including the main point of the project: the R $ 600 emergency aid specifically for low-income workers in the sports sector.

And it wasn’t just the athletes who came out frustrated with the new law. Bolsonaro also vetoed the possibility of reopening of the Football Management and Fiscal Responsibility Modernization Program (Profut), and then the big loser was Cruzeiro.

Excluded from Profut a week ago and with a tax debt of more than R $ 303 million, the club from Minas Gerais counted on the reopening of the program to refinance this debt again. Without that possibility, Fox sees the hole even bigger, and may have part of that debt collected in the short term, and be subject to liens and blockages of accounts, rents and even equity.

Cruzeiro was the main affected by the veto that the article that allowed Profut reopening – Photo: Bruno Haddad / Cruzeiro

In justifying the veto, recommended by the Ministries of Economy and Citizenship, in addition to the Advocacy General of the Union (AGU), the Government explained that the reopening of Profut would imply the violation of the Fiscal Responsibility Law and the Budget Guidelines Law by 2020.

“Despite the fact that joining Profut consists of a measure that benefits sports entities with a reduction in tax liabilities and installment of debts, the way in which the proposed reopening of the term for new membership is proposed is not viable since, in addition to not representing the expected financial relief , will not alleviate or solve the financial and fiscal problems faced by sports entities in the exceptional scenario caused by the pandemic, where more complex and effective solutions are required “, wrote Bolsonaro.

Included in the first vote in the Chamber of Deputies, the Profut reopening was not only of interest to Cruzeiro. Pernambuco clubs – state of the author of the PL, deputy Felipe Carreras -, such as Sport, Santa Cruz and Náutico, were also articulated by the possibility. Vasco, who, like Cruzeiro, was excluded for not fulfilling the prerequisites established by law, could also benefit from the measure.

Tickets for bets on federal lotteries – Photo: Marcelo Brandt / G1

The final text of the law, however, still provides for a form of debt renegotiation. Bolsonaro maintained the section that allowed clubs and sports organizations to carry out financial transactions with the Union.

With this, clubs and entities can now carry out a financial transaction with a public bank – in this case, Caixa Econômica Federal – to settle the debt at once with the Federal Government, while renegotiating the payment with the bank. discounts of up to 70%, 145 months term and use the public resources of the lotteries (Agnelo Piva or Timemania law) to settle the liabilities.

Bolsonaro excludes athletes from law

Bill 2824/2020 gained momentum behind the scenes of Congress in early July, when athletes from various disciplines invaded social media with a movement known as a “medal” in order to draw the attention of congressmen. But with the sanction of the law this Thursday, they were the most affected.

Bolsonaro vetoed R $ 600 emergency aid to athletes and other low-income professionals involved in sports activities, during three initial installments, with the possibility of extension for two more.

In justifying the veto, the Government argued that the low-income workers linked to sports would have already been covered by emergency aid approved by the National Congress and sanctioned in April (read more about aid in G1).

“The creation of this new aid did not comply with the constitutional determination provided for in article 113 of the ADCT, regarding the estimate of the financial and budgetary impact, represents the worsening of the deficit scenario of the federal public accounts and increases the risk of compromising fiscal sustainability in the medium term “, wrote.

In addition to this item, the article that allowed the end of the collection of Income Tax on prizes in competitions – up to R $ 30 thousand – and another that facilities credit lines for the purchase of sports equipment and special conditions for debt renegotiation.

See the main points of Law 14,073

Sports entities and projects related to sport

  • Lotteries: sports entities not linked to football are free to use up to 20% of the proceeds from lotteries to pay tax debts and amounts included in a tax transaction.
  • Tax transaction: football clubs and sports entities are now able to carry out an operation in which Caixa Econômica Federal settles the debt with the Union at one time, while negotiating payment with the entities using public funds from the federal lotteries through the Agnelo Piva and Timemania law.
  • Accountability: extension of deadlines for accountability of projects that received support from the Union.
  • Digital platforms: resources for sports projects on digital platforms should be given priority during the pandemic.
  • Health protocols: training and competitions of all modalities can only return during the pandemic with the authorization of the local health entities.
  • Sports officials are subject to confiscation by the government of private property in the event of proof of management crimes.
  • Expansion of the representation of athletes in the direction of sports policy.


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