Botafogo probes Gustavo Scarpa, but Palmeiras has no interest


Botafogo dreams big of a possible signing for the midfield. General Severiano’s club polled Gustavo Scarpa, from Palmeiras, appearing interested in hiring the player on loan. The São Paulo team, however, did not even open negotiations. The possibility of the transfer having a positive ending to Alvinegro is remote.

Palmeiras do not want to loan Gustavo Scarpa. For Verdão, the number 14 will only come out if a proposal finally arrives – something that Botafogo, due to financial difficulties, cannot present. If a transfer does not appear, coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo and the coaching staff have the desire to recover the midfielder’s football.

– The point is that Palmeiras don’t want to, it’s not me, no. It is good for you to spread this as much as possible because until now Palmeiras are playing hard with us, they don’t want to. We have to play a certain game with them to see if they go back. I’m stepping back so I can move on later. I think Scarpa gets the Botafogo team – said Ricardo Rotenberg, Botafogo manager, in a leaked audio.

Botafogo surveyed Palmeiras, which did not even open more advanced conversations with Alvinegro. Gustavo Scarpa is a wish of the Executive Committee of Football of Glorioso, but Verdão is playing hard and the leaders are already starting to look for a plan B for the position of midfielder.

– Palmeiras understand that to release an athlete of this level, the condition has to be extremely positive (…). Botafogo made an appointment, but nothing more. It is very complicated to continue this condition of his loan now for Botafogo – analyzed Anderson Barros, soccer director of Palmeiras, in an interview with “Newsroom SporTV”.


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