Boy is ‘launched into the air’ after lighting manhole cover rocket; watch


A boy was launched into the air after lighting a rocket on top of a sewer. According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, he was playing in a residential complex in Kangle County, in northwest China, when the explosion happened. The incident was recorded by security cameras in the region.

Photo: reproduction

According to information from the district administrative office, the child did not suffer serious injuries in the fall. “The child just fell, nothing serious,” the official told Chinese video platform Pear. “The rocket was small. It would be problematic if it were a big problem “.

In the images, it is possible to see a group of children playing in the condominium when one of them walks towards the sewer. The boy crouched down and lit the rocket on the manhole cover, which caused an explosion by pushing him hard back.

The other children were apparently frightened by the situation and the noise.


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