Brazil confirms another 461 deaths from Covid-19 and reaches 153,600 deaths


Over 24,062 positive diagnoses were recorded in 24 hours, according to the Ministry of Health, totaling 5.224 million

Brazil confirmed 461 more deaths due to complications caused by the new coronavirus. With this, the country reached the mark of 153,675 deaths caused by Covid-19 since the first case of the disease was registered in the country, at the end of February this year.

The figures are included in the daily balance sheet released by the Ministry of Health earlier this Saturday night (17). Released by the health departments of the States, the bulletin takes into account the information recorded in a 24-hour period.

According to the folder, more than 24,062 positive diagnoses were recorded in the last period, bringing to 5,224,362 the total confirmed cases of the disease across the country. The Brazilian population exceeds 210.1 million inhabitants – which means that the presence of the virus was confirmed in less than 3% of the population.

Among the confirmed cases, 4,635,315 patients recovered from the disease, which is equivalent to 88.7% of the total number of people whose tests confirmed the infection with the new coronavirus. Another 435,372 patients are still undergoing treatment.

Covid-19 US States

In absolute terms, the federation units with the most deaths are São Paulo (37,992, for 1,062,634 cases); Rio de Janeiro (19,715, for 289,569 cases), Ceará (9,207 to 264,245 cases), Pernambuco (8,480 to 155,923 cases) and Minas Gerais (8,405, to 333,998 cases).

The Federation units with the least deaths are Acre (679), Roraima (681), Amapá (731), Tocantins (1,042) and Rondônia (1,421).


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