Brazil has 153,905 deaths by covid-19, with 230 new deaths in 24 hours – 10/18/2020


The Ministry of Health today registered 230 new deaths due to covid-19. Now are 153.905 deaths related to the new coronavirus in the country.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 5.235.344 people were diagnosed with the disease in Brazil. Of that number, 10,982 notifications took place between yesterday and today.

Chinese vaccine’s effectiveness can only be evaluated in December

Dimas Covas, director of the Butantã Institute, said today that the safety tests of the Coronavac vaccine, developed by the laboratory in partnership with the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, are in line with expectations. However, it will only be possible to assess effectiveness at the end of the year:

“Efficacy is not yet possible to talk about because we have to wait for people to have contact with the virus. From my impression, I think we will have conclusive data later in the year, between November and December,” he told Estadão.

Conclusions about efficacy – that is, how much the vaccine actually protects people – depend on the occurrence of a minimum number of covid-19 infections among volunteers.

This deadline further removes the possibility of vaccination happening this year, since after the completion of the tests it will still be necessary to wait for the deadline for the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) to analyze the information and issue the product registration.


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