Brazilian doctor is the first South American to fly a jet pack


The first Brazilian to try flying with a jet pack was the doctor Karina Oliani. The TV presenter also flew with the equipment that weighs 27 kilos (without fuel) and has five turbines attached. With the feat, Karina became the first South American to fly in the “jet suit” style.

The flight process was long and complicated. The Brazilian had to travel to Chichester, in the interior of England, to participate in an intense training of three days. The purpose of the guidelines was to give Karina total control over the jet propeller, which even works with buttons on buttons that are operated on the fingers.

Also, for the exploit to be possible, a certain physical conditioning of the doctor was required. In the weeks prior to the event, specific exercises were required, such as push-ups and hanging rings. Karina explains that the training focused on muscle strength mainly on the shoulders.

In this training, a mosquito was used, which is a kind of metal ring with a trigger, as well as ropes to support it in case of possible falls. “On the last day, the instructor released the safety rope and let me fly alone about three meters high,” recorded Karina.


Richard Browning, creator of the invention, even discouraged Karina. “This is still very risky because it is undergoing tests and has already had several mechanical failures and falls,” recalled the doctor. In addition, the chance of proximity of the body to the turbines from which the large fire jets come out. It should be noted that the propulsion of the equipment is carried out by means of aviation kerosene.

But the cons did not prevent the doctor from making the dream come true. “It was sensational, it was the realization of a dream that came into my life since I saw that”, he described.

Karina is already known for diving in Mexico with alligators, hunting tornadoes in the United States and for ziplining in the crater of a volcano in Ethiopia.

Jet pack

The equipment in question was developed by the English businessman Richard Browning. The object is still in the testing phase, without being able to be sold. It is powered by diesel or jet kerosene and is based on the principle of aerodynamics, functioning as a car engine.

Initially, the idea is that the jet pack is used in specific areas, such as military, security and medical. “It can save a person’s life. Even with a short flight time, the rescue can arrive in a matter of minutes to give the first call ”, highlights Karina on the performance of the equipment in emergency rescues, for example.

In this regard, the doctor also points out that Browning’s “backpack of the future” has already been quoted as part of the UK health system.

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