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According to a cousin who spoke to the French public radio report RFI, but preferred not to be identified, Simone – who was wounded by a knife and died in a restaurant almost in front of the cathedral, where she tried to shelter – had been in France for 30 years and left three children.

One of the owners of the l’Unik restaurant, where Simone arrived completely bloodied, Brahim Jelloule, spoke to TV France Info, still in shock.

“She crossed the street, all bloody, and my brother and one of our employees rescued her, put her inside the restaurant, without understanding anything, and she said that there was an armed man inside the church”, he said.

Jelloule’s brother and the official arrived at the church, but saw the man armed with a knife, were threatened by the terrorist and ran away. They called the police. According to Jelloule, Simone died an hour and a half after being injured. The attack took place at 9 am in France (6 am in Brasilia).

A Muslim, Jelloule said he was shocked by the attack: “This is not Islam. I know the Koran by heart, and that’s not what he preaches, ”he said.

According to the cousin who talked to the RFI, the family was only informed that Simone was one of the victims at 6:30 pm in France (2:30 pm Brasília).

Itamaraty released an official note in which it repudiates the attack and regrets the Brazilian woman’s death. The text says that “President Jair Bolsonaro, on behalf of the entire Brazilian nation, presents his deep condolences to the family and friends of the citizen murdered in Nice, as well as to those of the other victims, and extends his solidarity to the French people and Government”.

Itamaraty also informed that, through the Consulate General in Paris, “it provides consular assistance to the family of the Brazilian citizen victim of the terrorist attack”.

Simone celebrated Yemanjá in France

Born in Lobato, in Cidade Baixa, in the suburb of Salvador, Simone Barreto was French and trained as a cook, but currently works as a caregiver for the elderly.

According to members of the Women Wing at the Madeleine Washing Resistance, a Brazilian cultural event that has been taking place in Paris for 19 years, Simone and her sisters “participated in the Wing in 2019, but did not come this year because of Covid-19”.

In addition, Simone was a cultural agitator in Nice and would have organized, with her sisters and cousins, the Festa de Yemanjá in the city.

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