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Just over one o’clock Monday night Norwegian time, President Donald Trump took the stage at another public meeting, this time in Carson, Nevada.

A large audience was waiting for the president, gathered close together, many without face masks. This has become a recurring theme in all of Trump’s rallies in recent weeks.

While Trump was well into his speech, Nevada Gov. Democrat Steve Sisolak reached out to the president.

GREAT ATTENDANCE: According to the Reno Gazette Journal, there were around 3,000 people at the rally. Photo: Carlos Barria / Reuters
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– Take it seriously

– Covid-19 is not political. It does not know that there is an upcoming election. On the other hand, the virus is highly contagious. According to the CDC, about two-thirds of covid infections come from people who do not have symptoms, he writes on Twitter and points out that this is why people are advised to avoid large gatherings.

Furthermore, the governor points out that the number of infections is increasing in the state, as is seen in several places in the USA.

– How do we reduce the infection? We listen to the health experts. We use face masks. We maintain social distancing. We do not hold large gatherings where these measures are not followed.

– Worst candidate in history

Furthermore, the governor writes in The Twitter thread that it is the responsibility of the American people to follow the guidelines agreed upon by federal, state, and local health authorities.

– And America’s leaders are committed to following the same advice, writes Sisolak and continues:

– I know that some will perceive this as a political statement, but let me be clear: As the governor of the great state of Nevada, I have a responsibility to protect all citizens – regardless of their political affiliation. I take it seriously.

– And right now it includes the responsibility to tell the president that arranging a large gathering without following guidelines from his own infection control center and requirements developed by state health authorities is unjustifiable and dangerous.

TETT I TETT: Up to 10,000 people stood close together at an airport in Ocala when Trump was visiting. One of them was Dave Thorsen (70). Reporter in the USA: Trym Mogen. Video: Mature / AP. Clip: Madeleine Liereng
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Eight million infected

The United States is hard hit by the coronavirus. At present, the country has registered over eight million cases of infection and over 219,000 deaths related to the virus, according to Johns Hopkins University.

On Saturday, Nevada recorded the largest jump in infections in a day since mid-August, according to CNN.

Furthermore, the governor points out that not all Americans infected with covid-19 have access to the Walter Reed military hospital, countless doctors and treatments.

After Trump confirmed that he had tested positive for covid-19, he was admitted to Walter Reed Hospital for three days. He has since boasted of the treatment he received there, and repeatedly promised to make the treatment available to all Americans.

The men who intimidate the United States

The men who intimidate the United States

3000 showed up

The governor concludes by referring to the guidelines to be followed in Nevada. Meetings of up to 250 people or 50 percent capacity are allowed, but only if all guidelines and requirements are followed.

According to the local newspaper Reno Gazette Journal, around 3,000 Trump supporters had attended the public meeting in Carson. According to the newspaper, several hundred showed up as early as Sunday morning, eight hours before Trump’s arrival.

– We allow even larger gatherings if strict standards are met and a safety plan is approved at the local and state level, Sisolak writes.

TWO WORLDS: While Joe Biden is careful about infection control rules during his election campaign, the situation is completely different at Donald Trump’s public meetings. Video / photo: NTB / AP
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The Reno Gazette Journal writes that the State Department of Business and Industry earlier this weekend confirmed that they had not received any plan from the Trump campaign, but it did not say what kind of consequences the campaign could have for not submitting such a plan.

Trump rounded off the public meeting in Carson just before three o’clock Norwegian time, and on Twitter he thanks himself. A few minutes later, the president also shares one picture which shows the large crowd at the event in Carson.


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