Bride dies on wedding day after being beaten by husband for jealousy – Brides


Oskana Poludentseva’s 36-year-old marriage to Stepan Dolgikh, 33, ended tragically after the groom got drunk, lost control and beat the bride to death. According to the Daily Star, police in Novosibirsk, Russia, reported that the man got drunk and started to assault the partner
out of jealousy.


Oskana Poludentseva was arrested in Russia

Stepan has already been convicted of murder, but Oskana, who knew the husband
while he was still in prison, he believed she could make her partner change. At the wedding reception, he lost control and the bride ended up dead.

According to investigators, Oskana was reported to have accused his bride of behaving “incorrectly” with another guest. “He started punching and kicking her out of the house. He grabbed her by the hair, hit her, pushed her into the street, where she also continued to hit her body and head, “said investigator Kirill Petrushin.

The guests were very afraid to intervene in the fight and called the local authorities. The groom was arrested on the spot by the Russian National Guard and confessed to the murder, but he remains in custody while investigations continue.


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