Bruna Marquezine reveals in a TV show that she caught Covid-19: “It was very strange”


Bruna Marquezine, 25, revealed in an interview to the program “Sterblitch Doesn’t Have a Talk Show: the Talk Show”, led by Eduardo Sterblitch, 33, who had Covid-19.

“It was really weird actually. When I found out, I thought I was at the beginning, but the doctor told me that I was at the end. I didn’t feel anything. In the last few months I did a lot of work, so every week I took a test. I didn’t leave the house. , everything was just right. I have no idea how I got it “, said the actress.

In the program shown by Globoplay, Marquezine also addressed other issues such as the fact that he is overcharged in relation to work. When asked by singer and voice actress Any Gabrielly, 18, about what advice she would give herself younger, the actress highlighted the importance of therapy in her life.

“I would tell Bruna from the past to invest in therapy earlier. I grew up doubting, until today I have difficulty taking myself seriously, believing in what I do. I am always insecure about my work. So I would talk to invest in therapy and not insisting on certain things. I also have a lot of difficulty accepting the end of cycles “, he pointed out, saying that we charge too much.

“There is a very cruel Bruna. She is the person who hates me most in the world. She hates everything I say. I am my own hater, I am very cruel to myself”.

Then the actress said that she values ​​sincere relationships, but that this also has a bad side. “It’s very clear when I’m angry, or when I don’t like a comment. I like transparent people, but sometimes it hurts me a lot. Sometimes you hear something from someone at work and you have to live with it, I don’t like that. But that’s it.”


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