Bruna Marquezine reveals that she already had covid-19 and says she is ‘hater’ of herself – 10/18/2020


The actress Bruna Marquezine revealed that she has been with covid-19, but she does not know how she got it, nor did she have any symptoms. In an interview with “Sterblitch Don’t Have a Talk Show: the Talk Show”, she also spoke about the difficulties that deal with her own temperament and said she was her “greatest hater”.

About the coronavirus, he explained: “It was really strange, actually. When I found out, I thought it was at the beginning, but the doctor told me that I was at the end. I didn’t feel anything.”

Bruna said that, for doing a lot of work, I took tests often: “In the last few months I did a lot of work, so every week I took a test. I didn’t leave the house, everything was fine. I have no idea how I got it”.

Do you hate them?

The actress commented that she has a side that demands a lot, and said that one of her major investments was to go to therapy.

“There is a very cruel Bruna, she is the person who hates me most in the world. She hates everything I say. I am my own hater, I am very cruel to myself “, said Marquezine.

“I would tell Bruna from the past to invest in therapy earlier. I grew up doubting, until today I have difficulty taking myself seriously, believing in what I do. I am always insecure about my work. So I would talk to invest in therapy and not insisting on certain things … I also have a hard time accepting the end of cycles “, he added.

She also cried when talking about her family’s matriarch, her grandmother, who gave her the surname Marquezine.

“Carrying her name is carrying a blessing and the legacy of the strong, generous and dedicated woman she was. Every time I think about it, it is a reminder for me to try to look like her,” he concluded.


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