Bruno de Carvalho recalls in court ‘affront’ of Marco Silva because of Rojo – Football Leaks


This Thursday Bruno de Carvalho was heard in court during the 13th session of Rui Pinto’s trial under Football Leaks, in which the hacker is being tried for 90 crimes, including illegitimate access, undue access, correspondence violation, computer sabotage and extortion attempt.

In court, Bruno de Carvalho, at the time of the facts president of Sporting, said that the investment fund “Doyen was the worst thing in the world” and that he started to be surprised when he saw and heard Sporting’s classified contracts on television programs.

“I found it strange that even before the contracts were released on Football Leaks, three days earlier, commentator Pedro Guerra had already shown Sporting’s confidential contracts on a TV program, such as Mitroglou and Fulham. On another program, António Simões said he had the Sporting’s proposal to Cervi. And from there we realized that something was going on “, reported Bruno de Carvalho. “When the players realized that the boss was not the club but an investment fund, their loyalty was no longer towards the club,” said the former president of Sporting on investment funds, particularly the Doyen: “I’ll give you an example: we were in A Coruña for the Teresa Herrera trophy, Nélio Lucas showed up at the hotel and told me that Rojo was not going to play. In front of me, he supposedly called Van Gaal [na altura no Manchester United] and asked him in English if they paid the 2 million for Rojo and the supposed Van Gaal would have said yes. I went to the coach’s room and said: ‘Marco Silva, Rojo must play tomorrow’. The next day, the coach, at Doyen’s request, did not get Rojo to play, despite the president telling him to put it on. “

Bruno de Carvalho also spoke of Carrillo’s contract, that if he returned to Portugal he would not be able to play in one of his rivals and that yesterday Octávio Machado stated in court that this information could have been removed from your computer.

“If Octávio Machado said that this information was on his computer, he shouldn’t have been. He wasn’t allowed to have that information. And whoever passed it on shouldn’t have passed on it. I always had doubts why Carrilho didn’t sign it, but if Octávio swore here that I had this document I already realized “.


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