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They were games and games in a row without losing, with several good performances in the middle, a third place that allowed the direct entry into the Champions League and the presence in the FA Cup and Europa League socks. Over the last months of the 2019/20 season, Manchester United did not exactly play with a specific goal that could be marked but started to create expectations for other goals in the new season – also due to the impact of Bruno Fernandes on the team since he arrived England in late January. Even though the gap with Liverpool and Manchester City, the idea was to go further but it started in the worst way.

The referee ended the game and Manchester United was going to draw: but Bruno made time go back and fell in love with penalties again

After a surprising defeat to open the Premier League with Crystal Palace in Old Trafford, Solskjaer’s team won in the tenth minute of discounts with a penalty awarded by VAR and converted by the Portuguese against Brighton but ended up scoring early in the day next again at home, in this case with Tottenham, in a 6-1 that cannot be explained only by the expulsion of Martial at 28 ′. The calm gave way to the storm, the forecasts of hope began to be overshadowed by the fear of a new failed season and there was much talk of alleged internal problems that arose after the heavy defeat against Londoners.

“There has been a lot of speculation lately about what is happening at Manchester United. First it was a discussion with the teammates, as it didn’t work, it was with only one teammate [Lindelöf], as it didn’t stick now, it’s with Solskjaer. I believe it is a way to destabilize the group a little bit ”, said the Portuguese international to SportTV after the game with Sweden, clarifying in more detail what happened in the game with Tottenham where he was replaced at the break with the game in 4-1.

1-6, four goals in the first half, unprecedented numbers in 30 years: Mourinho runs over Manchester United at Old Trafford

“What was said in no way is true, not least because I was replaced at halftime by a technical option. It is true. The coach told me that the game was over and that we would have many more ahead of us. I understood, of course, that I was not satisfied with leaving, but in nothing at that moment I spoke or said anything that could harm the group. Even after the game, the coach sent me a message to wish the team good luck. Asked me [no balneário], me and two or three other players, if we thought we needed to have a word with the team, support, support, nobody wanted to speak because the moment was not the best ”, said.

“Bruno Fernandes spoke very well the other day, when saying that we are together. Anyone who is on the outside takes any opportunity to create a division. We cannot listen to external opinions, we must remain united. Bruno has lost two Championship games since he joined the club and only arrived in February. But welcome to Manchester United, Bruno, this is what happens when we lose some games. They are trying to create a division between us but that is not going to happen because this group wants to work hard and stay together ”, said Solskjaer in this regard in the preview of the meeting away from Newcastle, a team that started with seven points in the first four Premier League matches and always constitutes a complicated journey.

What was difficult did not take long to become even worse after two minutes, in a move that showed the defensive weaknesses that continue to mark the Manchester United campaign: following a relief in the opposite midfield, Lindelöf missed the cut in anticipation, Newcastle developed the transition and Luke Shaw, who was still a starter even with Alex Telles on the bench, deflected into the own goal (2 ′). Gradually, and especially since Bruno Fernandes started to connect more with Mata, the red devils were setting up the siege around the opposite area, reached the goal by the Portuguese who would be canceled by the Spaniard’s irregular position, and drew by Maguire, following a dead ball (23 ′).

In the second half, with Pogba and Van de Beek on the field, Bruno Fernandes missed a penalty on the 11th attempt for the first time since arriving at Manchester United (good defense by Karl Darlow) but redeemed himself from that move four minutes from time. final, with a shot to the angle after assistance from Rashford who made the turn before Wan-Bissaka (90 ′) and Rashford (90 + 6 ′), after assistance of the Portuguese, took the triumph to a rout with numbers excessive for what happened in the field but that returned to having the number 18 as MVP.


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