Bruno Gagliasso displays photo of Zyan and fans melt: ” Mother face with something of yours ”


Bruno Gagliasso decided to use the official Instagram account, this Friday (2), to share a click from the youngest son, Zyan.

At the time, the photo, published upside down, framed the baby’s face, who posed lying down with a pacifier in his mouth and a blue printed scarf.

In the caption of the post, the actor joked, publishing the words also in reverse: “Hi I’m the Zyan. I know you turned your phone around to see me, “he said.

Followers of the famous were delighted with the boy’s cuteness and took the opportunity to leave a series of comments.

“The face of the mother with something of yours,” said an internet user. When faced with the message, Bruno insisted on asking: “How is it?”.

“Until I was able to read without spinning,” said another, and the famous man was surprised: “Ahh, stop! Not even a spin to the side?”

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Photo: Instagram

Giovanna e Bruno they exchanged rings in 2010, but started dating in 2009. The two went through some ups and downs during the relationship. The family grew with the arrival of Chissomo, known by the nickname Titi, which was adopted at the age of two, in Malawi, located in East Africa, during a couple’s trip in 2016.

In 2019, the girl won a younger brother, Bless, 5 years, which was adopted in the same country. At the end of the same year, Ewbank got pregnant and Zyan arrived in the world in July 2020.

Bruno e Giovanna they are always sharing moments of routine with their children on their social networks. “It’s been a rush to take care of the three children. I pay attention to one, then I pay attention to another,” said the good-natured presenter.

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