Bruno Gagliasso drool for Zyan on Ewbank’s lap: ‘Full happiness’ – 10/15/2020


Bruno Gagliasso showed a #tbt over there special on his social networks. The actor showed how his son Zyan’s three-month celebration was.

In the publication, the famous drooled for the youngest heir while the child was on his mother’s lap, Giovanna Ewbank. “#TBT of the three months of full happiness, lots of hugs and kisses and endless caresses”, wrote Bruno.

The owl mom also showed the fans how it was the little boy’s month-long party. On Instagram, Ewbank joked that he “asked for a simple thing” for decoration with a cute aviator theme. “My baby deserves it,” he said in a published video.

In addition to the boy, the famous couple is the father of Titi, 6, and Bless, 5.


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