Bruno Gissoni confirms end of contract with Globo: “Other paths”


Another striking figure in the dramaturgy of Globe is about to leave the station. The actor Bruno Gissoni confirmed last Tuesday (13), in an interview with YouTube’s Rap 77 channel, which is leaving the Rio de Janeiro station, for which it works since 2010.

My contract ends now in November after ten years. But this is very much due to a change in the market. I had a fixed contract for ten years. Now [o contrato] will be by work, if something happens“, Said the handsome guy, in a chat with vlogueiro Júnior Coimbra.

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Despite the hope of a return, he does not rule out getting jobs at other companies. “The market is changing. There are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, closed channels that are growing… It’s nice to have other options, other ways to be explored“, Analyzed.

Bruno Gissoni is the older brother of the actors Rodrigo Simas and Felipe Simas, currently castmates in the soap opera Save Yourself. The 33-year-old actor debuted on the small screen in High season (2007), from Record TV, and arrived at Globo three years later, as the protagonist of Workout.

Since then, it has been featured in serials such as Brazil Avenue (2012), Flower of the Caribbean (2013), Babylon (2014) e Pride and Passion (2018). His most recent work was a cameo in The owner of the piece (2019), where he performed with his sister-in-law, Ágatha Moreira.


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