Bruno Gissoni leaves Globo after ten years: ‘Market change’ – 10/15/2020


Bruno Gissoni joined the team of those dismissed by Globo. The actor’s contract with the broadcaster comes to an end in November after 10 years of work and will not be renewed.

Like the others dismissed, Bruno can do jobs at the station by contract for work, thus being free for other jobs. “Now it will be a work, if something happens”, commented the artist in an interview for the channel Rap 77.

“This is very much due to a change in the market. I had a fixed contract for ten years. [Agora] We are free to choose other things “, said Bruno.

During the interview, Madalena’s father also commented on a fake leaked intimate video. “My best argument was,” It’s not me because the guy is having sex with a sock. I don’t fuck in socks “- he joked. – I received this video and, at the time, said:” It has nothing to do with me. Screw it. The crowd will not believe “. But, no. Everyone believed,” he said.

Bruno debuted on the broadcaster in Malhação in 2010. Currently, he is on the air in the reprise of the soap opera Flor do Caribe, plot of 2013.


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