Bruno Gissoni recalls a supposed intimate video: “It’s not me because the guy is having sex with a sock”


Actor Bruno Gissoni talked to Patrícia Kogut’s column and talked about many aspects of life: relationship, daughter, dreams, work and … An alleged intimate video that was leaked. About Madalena, the daughter of the relationship with Yanna Lavigne, he is a proud father. “She is a princess. A human being who, wherever he arrives, becomes the center of attention. I am grateful for the rest of my life. And I became the father of Madalena. Before it was Bruno from the soap opera. Today I stop on the street and ask: ‘Aren’t you Madalena’s father?’ ”

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Gissoni, who brother of Felipe Simas and Rodrigo Simas, also recalled an embarrassing episode that took his name. In 2017, a video that allegedly showed Bruno having sex went viral on social media. “My best argument was:“ It’s not me because the guy is having sex with a sock. I don’t fuck in socks ”- he joked. – I received this video and, at the time, said: ‘It has nothing to do with me’ ”, he said.

Happy, Bruno Gissoni is building a house in Minas Gerais and plans to spend more time with his daughter. “Being more at home, I am more present as a father. And what are the priorities? What is my life priority? Being a father or being an actor? What comes first? For me, today, it is being a father. I think these things are the small changes that are happening in the world and in my life ”, he concluded.

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