Bruno left Big Brother because he “left the kitchen” and “had seizures”


Bruno ‘Neck’ was one of the first competitors to abandon the ‘Big Brother – The Revolution’ program. The competitor left in the first week of the game, without the production presenting any great justifications about the reason for his decision.

Within the most watched house in the country, the subject was banned by production and spectators were unaware of what ultimately led the young man to abandon the game.

Now, it is André Filipe who tells what really happened. Through a direct on social network Facebook where you talked to blogDioguinho‘, the former competitor of the program reveals that Bruno left the kitchen, suffered fainting and that his clinical condition even meant that firefighters had to be called to the most watched house in the country.

“Bruno just passed out and came back to life, passed out and came back to life. He ended up leaving the kitchen. Then he was arrested in the room and the firefighters had to go there because the boy was really passed out on the floor and couldn’t get up. He had several seizures “, reveals.

It is recalled that André was expelled from the program for improper behavior and days later admitted to the hospital due to an outbreak psychotic. The young man was discharged very recently. Luís also left the program in the first week for “clinical reasons”.

Bruno and Luís will go tomorrow for what is their first interview since they left the reality show of TVI. The two young people will be chatting with Cristina Ferreira in ‘Dia de Cristina’.

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