Bumbum by Paolla Oliveira stands out in a neon piece, see;


Paolla Oliveira (Reproduction)

Paolla Oliveira always enchants his followers and, in the air in the replay of “A Força do Querer”, the beauty stole the scene on social networks, this Friday afternoon (16). At the time, the actress sensualized more than anything with a tiny bikini.

In the click released by the global, his huge butt stands out in the yellow beach piece and, among internet users, he was quite mentioned and praised. The post gathered more than a million likes.

“Guys, look at the size of this woman’s butt, talent and posture are shocking”, praised a grown man. “Wow, take it easy, woman, not everyone is used to seeing something so beautiful”, asked the second individual.

“If I had Paolla’s body, my everyday look would be this one. Hahahahahahahaah. Too beautiful !!! ”, completed the last one. Later this week, the actress appeared bathing in a waterfall, in style.

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