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Butant announces that vaccine is safe, but endorsement is for the end of the year

PHOTO: Dado Ruvic / Reuters

The government of So Paulo announced on Monday (10/19) that the Coronavac vaccine, developed by the Butant Institute in partnership with the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, also proved to be safe in tests with 9,000 Brazilian volunteers, reaffirming the results of previous research. with 50,000 Chinese participants. Information from the newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo.

The efficacy data, however, should only be released between November and December, which may delay Governor Joo Doria’s (PSDB) forecast to start immunization later this year.

According to Dimas Covas, director of Butant, the tests with the 13 thousand volunteers have not been finalized and the efficiency analysis cannot yet be done. The researcher said that the first stage of the study, with 9 thousand people, was concluded this week.

Even in this group, not everyone has taken both doses yet, which should occur by the end of the month. “We already have the safety data for this stage, they are very similar to the Chinese (a study in which more than 90% of the volunteers had no adverse events). It is these data that I will detail in the second,” he said.

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