C&A studies selling operation in Brazil – Money Times


C&A has already divested operations in Mexico and China (Image: Facebook / C & A)

A C&A (CEAB3) may sell its operation in Brazil. According to the Economic Value, the Brenninkmeijer, family that controls the company, are studying to undo their position in the Brazilian market to focus on business in the Europe.

In the article, the newspaper pointed out that C&A has already divested its operations in Mexico and on China, and a sale of the company’s operations in Brazil would not surprise the market. According to an investment bank, the company has been prospecting the market and testing the interest of funds and strategic groups.

In assessing the Investments Guide, the news, although expected, is negative. Brazil would expand the list of countries with operations undone by the company, which is increasingly committed to strengthening its operations in the European market.


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