Caio Castro reveals that the building’s valet cried when he beat the actor’s Ferrari


Actor told the story in an interview with Danilo Gentili; he handed the key to the employee, who, not knowing how the vehicle works, damaged the rearview mirror

When participating in the program “The Noite”, the actor Caio Castro told Danilo Gentili an episode he experienced, days ago: the rear view of his Ferrari was dented when it was maneuvered by an employee of the building where he lives, in São Paulo. It was the actor himself who asked the boy to park. Caio said that four minutes after he entered the house, the intercom rang. It was the boy, crying. “Hey, Seu Caio. I crashed your car”.

“He was really desperate. Very nervous. (I asked) ‘How did it hit?’ Then he said: “No, no. Did you hit here. Can you come down?”, Said the actor, who, upon arriving at the scene, came across the valet in tears. , and yes, it had to be changed. But Caio not only consoled the employee but defended him, next to the condominium, so that he would not be retaliated against. a totozinho and he gives a ‘vráa’. That’s when it hit and broke. It’s the lack of custom. But he was not to blame. It all worked out. The guy is still there today ”, he rejoiced.


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