Caixa deposits a portion of cycle 3, of R $ 600 or R $ 300, for those born in July


Caixa deposits on Friday (16) a new installment of emergency aid, which can be R $ 600 or R $ 300, depending on when the beneficiary had his registration approved. Today’s payment is for July birthdays who are not enrolled in Bolsa Família.

The deposit is part of cycle 3. Understand how payments work and check the full schedule.

Deposit for babies born in July (cycle 3)

Caixa calls each cycle a cycle in which all beneficiaries (except those from Bolsa Família) receive at least a portion, regardless of which one. There are two schedules for each cycle, both taking into account the beneficiary’s date of birth.

The money deposited today, for now, is only available for digital transactions in the Caixa Tem application. Withdrawals and transfers will be released on 26 November.

Whoever received the first installment of the aid in April should now reach the sixth installment. This means that the amount will already be reduced to R $ 300 (or R $ 600 for women who are heads of household).

People who started receiving later, between May and July, will still receive one of the first five installments. Therefore, the amount remains R $ 600 (or R $ 1,200 for female heads of household).

There is also a group that was approved after contesting the registration through the digital platform between 20 July and 25 August. These beneficiaries will receive the first installment during cycle 3.

See all dates of cycle 3:

Next payment cycles

There will be six cycles in total. For each of them, all beneficiaries receive a new installment (either R $ 600 or R $ 300), depending on the anniversary month.

The cycles are not valid for those enrolled in Bolsa Família. This public receives within the program’s own calendar.

Below are the schedules for cycles 4, 5 and 6, which have not yet started:

Number of installments receivable

The total number of installments to which the person will be entitled depends on the month in which he started receiving the aid. The maximum is nine installments, the first five being R $ 600 and the last four being R $ 300.

  • Who received the 1st in April: 9 plots
  • Who received the 1st in May: 8 installments
  • Who received the 1st in June: 7 installments
  • Who received the 1st in July: 6 installments

Whoever challenged the registration through the digital platform between July 20 and August 25 and is considered eligible will receive a total of 5 installments of R $ 600, starting in cycle 3. In cycle 6, these beneficiaries will receive two installments at once . These people will not be entitled to any portion of the so-called residual emergency aid, of R $ 300.

Women heads of families are entitled to two quotas. Therefore, the first five installments are R $ 1,200, while the last four are R $ 600.

Cycle 2 withdrawals continue

The deposit phase of cycle 2 ended on 30 September. However, Caixa will continue to release withdrawals and transfers until October 27, according to the right column of the schedule below:

Withdrawals of R $ 300 allowance for Bolsa Família

Those who are on Bolsa Família and are entitled to extend the aid can withdraw the sixth installment, with a reduced amount to R $ 300 (or R $ 600 for women who are heads of household).

It is not possible to fully accumulate aid and Bolsa Família payments. If the value of your Bolsa Família is less than R $ 300, you will receive installments of R $ 300. If it is greater than R $ 300, you will receive the amount of Bolsa Família.

The seventh installment will be released between October 19 and 30, according to the final digit of the NIS (Social Identification Number):

Beneficiaries can withdraw the money through the Bolsa Família Program, Citizen Card or by credit in a Caixa account.

Government releases new emergency aid schedule

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