Caixa gives up to 50% discount on installments of real estate financing


The end of the measure that provides for a pause in the payment of real estate financing was announced on Wednesday, 14, by the Cashier Federal Economic Commission. Now, the bank’s customers must resume installment payments, but partially, with discounts that go up to 50%.

Because of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus, at the end of March, the financial company had announced that it would suspend the full payment of real estate financing. The measure was renewed three times, reaching 180 days of suspension.

However, from now on, the state-owned company decided to adopt the possibility of partial payment of installments, under two lines of credit: in some cases there is a discount of 25% of the monthly fee for six months; but in others, discounts reach up to 50% for three months. The bank points out that each customer’s case needs to be analyzed separately.

  • 25% discount for six months
  • 50% discount for three months

In addition, Caixa will reduce, from October 22, up to 5% interest for those who sign new housing finance contracts in the Brazilian Savings and Loan System (SBPE). More than R $ 14 billion in real estate loans will be granted through the system.

Suspension of real estate financing

In March, Caixa allowed an emergency pause in housing financing for individuals or companies. The measure was valid among customers who were in default, that is, who did not have a dirty name, not including the cases in which people were using the Guarantee Fund for Time of Service (FGTS) to pay monthly installments.

The bank also allowed a pause in the payment of financing for those who had up to two overdue charges, in which case renegotiation alternatives were made available through contact with the relationship manager or via teleservice channels.

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