Caixa offers partial payment of housing installments after break – News


After the program that made it possible to pause in the provision of home ownership for 180 days, Caixa now offers partial payment of the financing for customers with a mortgage loan who need support to pay off their financial commitments.

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The customer may choose to pay 75% of the full installment amount, for six months, or 50% of the amount, for a period of three months. The measure provides families with the possibility of reorganizing themselves to pay the monthly installment in full after impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

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The new measure is not an emergency break in the provision of housing contracts, a possibility that was offered by the bank for six months, and ended on September 29, benefiting 2.5 million customers. It also does not mean discount or reduction of the installment, but a possibility of partial payment for a limited period.

The amount not paid during the term of the negotiation for the partial payment, according to the percentage chosen, will be incorporated into the contract’s debit balance and diluted in the remaining term. The contract is not exempt from the payment of interest, insurance and fees. The interest rate and term initially contracted do not change.

To request the partial payment alternative, the customer only needs to access the CAIXA Housing application, available for the Android and IOS operating systems. The application can be downloaded for free.

For overdue contracts, there is also the option of answering via WhatsApp – 0800 726 0104, option 3.

The bank also offers debt renegotiation alternatives, if the customer needs it, and is available even to customers who have requested a break. The options can be accessed by calling 0800 726 8068, from Monday to Friday, at any time and on Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm., Or by calling 3004-1105 and 0800 726 0505, from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm.


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