Caixa reduces interest rate to finance home ownership


A Federal Savings Bank (CEF) announced this Wednesday, the 14th, a new reduction in fees charged on home financing, an increase in the grace period for the purchase of new properties and the option of partial installment payments for up to six months.

In financing with SBPE resources, the line indexed by the Reference Rate will have a minimum rate of TR + 6.25% and a maximum rate of TR + 8% per year, a drop of up to 0.5 percentage point.

The state bank also extended the possibility of grace period for payment of installments in the case of new real estate contracts until the end of the year. Upon acquisition, individual customers may start paying installments after six months.

Finally, Caixa will allow borrowers to opt for partial payment of financing, with 75% of the installment for up to six months or 50% to 75% for up to three months.

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Source: Reuters


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