Caixa releases loan from R $ 2 thousand with FGTS as guarantee


A Federal Savings Bank is making available a new type of credit to its customers who have opted for withdrawing the anniversary of the Time Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS). The loan consists of anticipating the amount to be paid annually, in the month of the worker’s birthday.

By choosing anticipation of the birthday loot, the FGTS balance will be used as collateral for the loan. It is possible to anticipate up to three years of payment, that is, a sum referring to the installments of the next three birthday withdrawals

The minimum contract value must be at least R $ 2 thousand, with a minimum value per year of R $ 300. Payment can be made in up to three years. The interest rate for the line is one of the most attractive among the options available to individuals, at just 0.99% per month.

According to Caixa, by using the FGTS itself as a loan guarantee, the operation becomes much simpler, and the contracting is quicker and without bureaucracy. In addition, the amount will be released entirely digitally, without the applicant having to attend an agency.

Data released by the bank indicate that, until September, 760 thousand workers had contracted loans with the FGTS as collateral. In total, Caixa provided approximately R $ 2.2 billion in credit in this modality.


According to Caixa’s president, Pedro Guimarães, it is possible to anticipate one, two and even three years of the birthday withdrawal. Loans will start at R $ 2 thousand, up to the limit of the balance available in the linked account.

One of the differentials of the FGTS loan in advance of the anniversary withdrawal is the savings, since the interest rate is lower in comparison to other credit lines, at 0.99% per month (12.54% per year) .

The entire process, from contracting to repaying the loan, is simplified. Through Caixa’s Internet Banking, workers can simulate and contract credit easily. If approved, the money falls into the account the day after hiring.

In addition, payment is made automatically and in a single installment, with a direct discount on the FGTS balance. Without the payment of monthly installments, the payment of the loan does not weigh in the budget.

How to apply?

To hire the advance payment of the FGTS anniversary, you must be over 18 years old or be emancipated, have your CPF regularized at the Federal Revenue Service and have a checking or savings account at Caixa.

In addition, you must have opted for the FGTS anniversary withdrawal modality, which came into force this year as an alternative to withdrawal by termination. Those who have not yet signed up should access the Internet Banking Caixa, Caixa application or FGTS application, indicating the Caixa to consult FGTS balances.

If the interested party meets these requirements, just access Internet Banking or go to a Caixa branch to take out the loan. Due to the high demand, the Caixa app is undergoing adjustments, and will soon be updated to make this option available.

After the loan is approved, the worker must sign the contract electronically. Finally, the FGTS account balance is blocked for the purpose of guaranteeing the operation, and the amount of the advance payment is deposited in an account on the day following the contracting.

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