Caixa releases loan of up to R $ 100 thousand without consulting SPC / SERASA


Brazilian citizens who have a negative CPF find numerous difficulties in obtaining loans from the country’s financial institutions.

However, for people who are in default, the Federal Savings Bank releases a free credit concession without consulting the SPC and Serasa.

According to information from the institution, the loan modality is intended for those with a negative name. In this case, Caixa releases a free credit of up to 100 thousand reais. To guarantee payment, the bank accepts the pledge of assets and the FGTS.

Find out how each warranty model works.


In the pledge, the bank, in this payment guarantee, pledges an asset of equivalent value.

This type of guarantee is one of the most accessible and easily approved methods. The loan value, in this condition, is calculated based on 85% of the market value of the pledged asset.

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The bank accepts as a pledge gold jewelry of at least 12 carats, noble metals, watches, pearls and other goods.

If the installments are not paid by the debtor, more default is generated for the client and the lien is auctioned.

FGTS Guarantee

THE Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS), in which Caixa is the payment manager, can also be used as a guarantee for payment of the loan. In this case, the default of the installments is resolved with the direct withdrawal of FGTS from the amount corresponding to the debt.

In this model, the amount granted is 10% of the balance available in the fund’s account and 40% of the fine when there is unfair dismissal.

The company, to request, must have subscribed to the service. In this case, the citizen must contact the Department of Personnel (DP) or Human Resources (HR) to seek more information.

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