Caixa releases payment of bills without card in lottery up to R $ 1,200


A new modality was made available in the Caixa Tem application. Now, the app has started to release payments without card in all lottery units in the country. The “Pay at Lottery” operation is now available to all users.

In order to make the transaction, a payment code must be generated before the transaction can take effect. Caixa informs that the transaction can be made as soon as the benefit amount is deposited, even before the withdrawals are released.

With the new modality, users can pay slips, utility bills (such as water, electricity and telephone), fees and taxes, provided they are in the name of the account holder. In addition, it is possible to carry out three transactions per day for a total amount of up to R $ 1,200.

Digital savings were expanded

The Senate approved the text of the provisional measure that extends the use of digital savings to receive the salary bonus, for withdrawals from the Severance Pay Fund (FGTS), and other benefits.

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Digital social savings were created for the exclusive use of beneficiaries of the emergency aid that had no bank account. The text goes on to presidential sanction.

The text passed the House last week. However, the original text of the MP was changed in Congress and, for that reason, the matter went to the Senate as a conversion bill (PLV).

The conversion bill establishes that any bank can issue a physical card for the movement of social savings, which was prohibited in the original text of the Executive Branch.

Still, in relation to the original text, Congress increased, from one to three, the number of digital transfers that the account holder can make monthly free of charge.

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