Caixa releases withdrawals of up to R $ 1,045 for those born in July and August; see the full calendar


This Saturday (17) Caixa releases withdrawals and transfers of up to R $ 1,045 from the emergency FGTS for birthdays in July and August.

Workers who have active (current employment) or inactive (previous employment) accounts with FGTS (Employment Guarantee Fund) are entitled to cash.

Caixa informed that it will open 772 branches this Saturday, from 8 am to 12 pm, to serve the beneficiaries. The full list of open branches is available at this link.

Emergency FGTS calendar

Emergency FGTS payments are made in two stages. In the first, now closed, the money was deposited in digital savings by the Caixa Tem application (available for Android and iOS), but it could only be used to pay bills, pay bills or make purchases by virtual card. Only in the second stage is the amount released for withdrawals and transfers.

Birthdays from January to August are with withdrawals and transfers released can move the money.

Check out the full schedule below:

Value of up to R $ 1,045 per worker

The limit that each one can move is R $ 1,045. If the worker has more than one account, the money will be withdrawn first from the accounts for old employment contracts, starting with those with the lowest balance. Then, the money can be withdrawn from active accounts, starting also with the one with the lowest balance.

In any case, the total amount cannot exceed R $ 1,045.

Not all workers who have R $ 1,045 in FGTS will be able to receive this amount. The amount depends on how much was in your accounts up to ten days before Caixa deposits the money in digital savings.

You can see how much you are entitled

Anyone who has doubts about what amount is available in the guarantee fund and when the money will be available can consult:

Worker is not obliged to withdraw

Workers may choose not to receive the FGTS emergency withdrawal. For this, it is necessary to place the order through the FGTS application (Android or iOS), Caixa website or internet banking up to ten days before the expected date of deposit.

Anyone who has already received the deposit can request that the money be returned to the FGTS account. Check here the step by step.

Fintechs anticipate withdrawals and transfers

Whoever received the emergency FGTS, but is not yet authorized to withdraw the money, has an option. The alternative that fintechs (financial technology companies) offer is to use the app to pay a ticket or make a purchase online which, in practice, transfers the emergency FGTS to an account in the name of the beneficiary itself. With that, the person can use the application fintech to make new transfers or withdraw money.

See more details here.


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