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Governor Camilo Santana held, this Saturday afternoon (17), a meeting with the Committee that deliberates on the State Decree related to the coronavirus pandemic. On the occasion, the head of the state Executive informed the group that he had sent letters to the Federal Government (Ministry of Infrastructure, Anac and Anvisa) requesting reinforcement in the actions of sanitary control at Fortaleza Airport, especially in relation to international flights. This, due to the increase in Covid cases in Europe and the USA.

According to the governor, the request to these bodies is due to the fact that Fortaleza Airport is a space of national control. On social networks, he stated that, at the same time, he put all the structure from the State Government to disposition for what is necessary in these actions aimed at protecting the population of Ceará.

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“I also sent an official letter to the President of the Regional Electoral Court requesting measures, within the scope of his institutional competence, to to prevent and do cease actions taken in the context of election campaign 2020 that are in disagreement with the sanitary rules established for the safety of the population against Covid, foreseen in the state decrees “, said Camilo Santana.

Major constraint

Still in the post, the governor pointed out that he has seen absurd images of disrespect health standards in some campaign acts, which would be causing increase in cases in some municipalities.

At the meeting, after analyzing the data and information presented by the health team, it was established that the next State Decree, which comes into force on Monday (19), will have recommendations for greater restrictions in those cities where there is an increase in cases, and there will be no breakthrough in the economic recovery plan for the second week.

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“This is necessary precisely because of the indicators that indicate an increase in cases in some areas, although there is a drop in the general numbers of the State. The state inspection bodies should reinforce the actions, which would be very important to be done also by Organs municipal bodies throughout Ceará. We will always continue to act with all prudence e responsibility so that there is no setback in the Reopening Plan, “said the governor.

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