Campaign breaks record of funds. Biden raises 383 million to fight Trump – Executive Digest


Joe Biden’s presidential campaign hit monthly fundraising records again in September, with a profit of $ 383 million. This new ‘maximum’ gives the Democratic candidate a financial advantage over Donald Trump, just weeks from the presidential election.

The money raised last month left former Vice President Biden with a $ 432 million “war budget”, his campaign reported on Wednesday. Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump by a wide margin in national polls, just 20 days from the November 3 elections.

Biden’s September campaign broke the previous record of $ 364.5 million, set in August.

The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee have yet to reveal the total fundraising for September, but the total of $ 210 million in August was behind the Democrats by about $ 150 million.

Online donations helped boost Biden’s campaign and the National Democratic Committee’s record fundraising totals. In September, online donors accounted for $ 203 million.

According to Joe Biden, the average donation is less than $ 50.

In the final weeks of the campaign, and given that millions of Americans have already voted, Donald Trump scheduled rallies in states where he won by large margins in the last elections in 2016.


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