Campello detonates arbitration in defeat to Flamengo and charges ‘audit’ at CBF


President Alexandre Campello detonated the role of the referee in Vasco’s defeat by Flamengo yesterday by 2 to 1. Tired of being “forked”, the manager complained about the cancellation of Cano’s goal by VAR, as well as the application of two cards yellow for their athletes and the non-expulsion of midfielder Diego.

Uncomfortable with the sum of “unfavorable decisions” to Vasco, the president demanded transparency from the video referee, as well as an audit at the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

“It is very easy to give a card to Tenório, who is a boy. The same weight and the same measure is not used with Filipe Luís and Diego. We saw that during the match. With five minutes, the judge already yellowed ours Diego made a move that would be for the second yellow card, and he didn’t, because he is an experienced player. The referee thinks twice (…) Talles made a move on the side, in which he was leading the ball, and the Flamengo player gave a dangerous cart. He tries to get rid of the opponent by jumping over, hits the player and takes the yellow card “, complained Campello in an interview with ESPN’s “Sportscenter”.

“Once again Vasco is undermined by VAR. If you make a statistic, you will see that the decisions of VAR are, in their absolute majority, unfavorable to Vasco. What we don’t see in clubs like Flamengo and Corinthians. Vasco is tired of being forked. I want to see an audit of VAR’s decisions “, added the leader.

Afterwards, Campello asked for access to the field referee’s conversations with the VAR booth.

“We are living in a time when there is a lot of talk about transparency. I want to see CBF provide the transparency that today’s world requires, opening the audios for people to hear what the guys are saying outside. Vasco is tired of being harmed. by VAR and arbitration “, he concluded.


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