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CLOSE RELATIONSHIP: King Harald tells of a close relationship with Crown Prince Haakon in the new book «The King tells». Photo: From the book

In the new book “The King Tells”, the King talks about his relationship with the Crown Prince, and how his own marriage has affected his son.

In Harald Stanghelle’s new book «The king tells», Stanghelle writes that King Harald has a close relationship with his son, Crown Prince Haakon.

“He has become a friend and co-worker. He asks me for advice and I get advice from him. The relationship has become closer and closer, “says the king.

King Harald describes the Crown Prince as a wise man, and that “it will be good with him when the time comes.”

‘I think my father was more worried than I am. I am so lucky that it is Crown Prince Haakon who will take this further. He has been with me all my time as King and has been involved all the time. Then he can take what he wants with him, and change what he wants. “

The king says that the close cooperation between the king, the queen, the crown prince and the crown princess has meant a lot to him.

LUCKY: King Harald says he is lucky to have Crown Prince Haakon to take over the role of King. Photo: From the book

“An extravagant past”

In the book, the king talks about being a team, and that Queen Sonja has been a crucial contributor to this.

“We told each other when we had children, the queen and I, that when they grew up and grew up, they would not have to go through the same thing we had been through.” said King.

And the royal couple’s marriage experiences were later to have significance for the crown prince – the day he himself fell in love.

GOOD COOPERATION: The king says that the close cooperation between the king, the queen, the crown prince and the crown princess has meant a lot to him. Photo: The Royal Court.

In her first meeting with the king and queen, Mette-Marit Tjessem Høiby told herself about her rebellious and turbulent youth, according to the book.

The king concluded that Mette-Marit had a “acting past”, but at the same time said “we can do this”.

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Consulted with the Prime Minister

Before the engagement was announced, King Harald summoned the then Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg to a conversation at the castle.

The Norwegian Constitution has a section which states that the Crown Prince cannot enter into marriage without the king’s permission. King Harald’s interpretation of the law, however, was that the “king” had to be regarded as the King in government, ie the government.

“But just when it comes to this paragraph about that king
must approve the Crown Prince’s marriage, I want to believe that the king is in fact the king, that is, me – and not you », said King Harald, and then both he and the Prime Minister laughed, writes Stanghelle.

In any case, the king wanted to hear the Prime Minister’s view that the Crown Prince would marry Mette-Marit, who also had children before.

MARRIED: Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Crown Prince Haakon married in Oslo Cathedral on 25 August 2001. Photo: Espen Braata

Both the king and the prime minister believed that Mette-Marit’s past should not ruin love.

When Prime Minister Stoltenberg was informed that Crown Prince Haakon wanted to marry Mette-Marit, it took the Prime Minister five minutes to say that “this is what we are going for”. The same was the conclusion when the case was submitted to the entire government. “

Must sit to “the bitter end”

The king describes a basic attitude that he and Queen Sonja have taken with them from the marriage:

“Many of us have experienced the privilege of getting married out of love. It is a great gift – at the same time it is a human right to make one of life’s most important choices on your own behalf “, he says.

DOES NOT GIVE UP: King Harald sets the king’s obligations high and plans to be king of “the bitter end”. Photo: The Royal Court

Although the King is not worried that the Crown Prince will one day take over for him, he has no plans to abdicate immediately.

In the book, he says that the king’s obligations are something he values ​​highly:

“Once you have taken an oath to the Storting, it lasts a lifetime. It’s that easy for me. We’re on to ‘the bitter end’. There is something about the King being dead, long live the King! ” he says.

King Harald underwent a successful heart operation earlier this month. Here he leaves Rikshospitalet:

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