Can negatives contract credit card and Caixa loan?


The answer is yes! Caixa Econômica Federal offers credit card and personal loan services, without bureaucracy, ideal for those who have a dirty name with the restriction bodies, such as SPC and Serasa. Offers are easy to approve and interest rates are more affordable.

It is normal for people with the name negative generally find it difficult to get credit in the market. This is because financial institutions check the CPF of the consumer to assess whether or not he keeps his accounts up to date.

Box Offers

Altogether there are three modalities:

  • Simple Box Card, for retirees and pensioners of the National Social Security Institute (INSS);
  • Birthday loot, for FGTS policyholders; and
  • Pledge, for those who have valuable goods. Understand each option.

1 – Simple Cash Card

The Caixa Simples Card is intended for retirees and pensioners of the National Social Security Institute (INSS). It offers the same facilities as conventional credit cards, the difference being that part of the invoice is automatically discounted from the insured’s benefit.

The interest rate is 2.70% per month for revolving use. The card’s flag is Elo Internacional, that is, customers can shop in Brazil and abroad. Another benefit is that it is possible to convert up to 95% of the limit into cash in the account.

The card also offers some advantages such as: zero annual fee, only a fee of R $ 15 will be charged to issue the card; without consultation with SERASA or SPC; Check-up Home; and Clube Elo Mania Caixa, which provides access to various products and services at a discount. For those interested, the service can be requested in person at any Caixa branch.

2 – FGTS birthday withdrawal

This modality allows the worker to anticipate up to three installments of the FGTS birthday withdrawal as a loan guarantee. The interest rate of this credit line for individuals is attractive, 0.99% per month. It is worth remembering that the option is only available to those who have joined the annual benefit withdrawal modality.

The request can be made through Caixa’s Internet Banking or FGTS app. However, due to the need for adjustments to the digital channel due to high demand, the service is being contracted only at the branches.

3 – Cash Pledge

It is one of the credit lines with the lowest rates on the market and without bureaucracy. The applicant must offer a good (watches, jewelry, pearls, among others) as collateral for the loan. This modality is also without consultation with SERASA or SPC.

This is because it takes the risk of losing the bank, since the institution will keep the property until the debt is paid off in full. You can renew the contract as many times as you need. Interested parties should go to a Caixa agency that offers the modality.

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