Candidate for the presidency of Santos, Rueda promises hiring by resume: “Right person in the right place”


Candidate for the presidency of Santos, Andrés Rueda made this Tuesday a presentation of the ticket through live with Vice President José Carlos Oliveira and the participation of Walter Schalka, one of the members of “União pelo Santos”.

Rueda answered questions from journalists and, among several topics, commented on “real” professionalization and the commitment not to hire employees for support in the election or friendship.

“Every year of election is the same thing. Professional hiring and such. We saw in Peres that it was not like that and that was on his program, he was sworn. The problem is not the work program, it is execution. My commitment and that of our ticket is that Santos’s professionalization will be done by curriculum, not by supporting the ticket, because he’s a friend of Rueda, Zé Carlos or Shalka. That cannot exist. Professionalization is a huge advantage, the right person in the right place, with a compatible salary and plan career, so you can believe that working well can make a career “, said Rueda, candidate for the” União pelo Santos “slate.

“In other administrations, one enters and dismisses everyone. The next one goes and hires others. The labor liability is not small. The last time I saw it, it was R $ 100 million. If we add all this up, where are we going to stop? Professionalization is professionalization , is not a campaign argument. It is to commit “, he added. The presentation lasted about 100 minutes.

This Tuesday, acting President Orlando Rollo, with the consent of the Management Committee, dismissed more than 20 employees to adapt to a new organizational chart.

Andrés Rueda is one of eight confirmed pre-candidates. Marcelo Teixeira should be the ninth official. Daniel Curi, Esmeraldo Tarquínio, Fernando Silva, Milton Teixeira Filho, Ricardo Agostinho, Rodrigo Marino and Vagner Lombardi are the competitors.

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