Candidate is the 8th councilor to die from covid-19 in the interior of SP – News


Councilor José Paulo Luciano da Silva (MDB), 68, died on Friday (16) as a result of the covid-19, in Guareí, in the interior of São Paulo. The politician would run for the 7th term in the City Council in this year’s elections. He was admitted to a hospital in Sorocaba and did not recover. A brother of the councilman, Edvaldo Luciano Soares, who was once the city’s mayor, also contracted the virus and died a month ago.

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According to family members, José Paulo was hypertensive and diabetic. He left a wife and children. The body was buried this Saturday, 17, at the Municipal Cemetery of Guareí. The city declared official mourning for three days. The Chamber issued a note of condolence and solidarity with family members. The MDB also mourned the politician’s death. The city of 18,887 inhabitants has 447 positive cases and 12 deaths confirmed by covid-19.

José Paulo is the eighth councilor killed after contracting the coronavirus in the interior of São Paulo since the beginning of the pandemic. On the last 12, the victim was councilor José Olímpio Jorge Naben, Euripinho, from the Barretos DEM. On September 15, the virus killed councilor Fernando Raimundo da Silva, Fernando Baiano (PSDB), of the Guapiaçu Chamber.

The councilors Adilson Perciliano (DEM), from Tarumã, also died of the disease; Avelino Xavier Alves, Poneis (PSDB), from Nova Odessa; Antonio Aparecido Falchi (DEM), by Cândido Rodrigues; Valéria Andrucioli (PDT), from Pontal, and Ronaldo Beraldo (PR), from Arandu. The last three were in office for the respective chambers.

Covid-19 also caused the death of two mayors from São Paulo who were in the exercise of public service. The mayor of Borebi, Antônio Carlos Vaca (PSDB), died on June 20, at the age of 75. The mayor of Santo Antônio de Aracanguá, Rodrigo Aparecido Santana Rodrigues (DEM), died on June 26, aged 35. In both cases, the vice-presidents took over the city halls.


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