CAOA conducts breast cancer and cervical cancer prevention campaign


CAOA, once again embraced the cause of October Rose, the international month for the prevention of breast cancer and cervical cancer, and started a program dedicated to the theme.

To address such an important topic, CAOA will use the structure and know-how obtained from the automotive mechanics course, Mechanics for them – You are in charge of your car, and your recent Lives to develop this new content.

Annually, CAOA carries out several important initiatives to promote solidarity and awareness actions for the public. This year, due to the period of social isolation that was installed in the country, there was an adaptation in October Rosa in order to preserve the health and well-being of all employees and customers.

Instagram will be used as a platform for the realization of the Lives and will count on the TV producer and ambassador of Mecânica para Elas, Milene Rios, as the presenter and mediator of the three broadcasts.

The first one will take place this Thursday (15) at 8 pm and will have as special guest Dr. Alba Valéria de Oliveira, an oncologist, graduated in 1988 from the Faculty of Medicine of Teresópolis (RJ), specialized in Clinical Oncology, and will address topics such as the number of breast and cervical cancer cases in Brazil, the importance of early diagnosis, how to do the self-examination correctly, the importance of the October Rose among others.

The second Live takes place on 10/21 (Wednesday) at 8 pm and will be attended by the presenter of the AutoEsporte TV program, César Urnhani and his wife Regina Urnhani. The couple will tell stories of the entire period that they faced Regina’s battle with breast cancer and how they overcame the obstacles of the disease together.

The third will be held on October 27 (Tuesday) at 8 pm with businesswoman and digital influencer, Luciana Salatiel. For over two years, Luciana has been undergoing breast cancer treatment and has made her battle public, guiding women on the importance of body care. During the live broadcast, she will tell her story about the disease and how she has been coping with this moment and helping other women.

The fourth and final Live will take place in a different format. It will be a Yoga class, which will be transmitted directly from the CAOA After Sales Showroom at Av. Imarés, in Moema (SP), on 10/31 (Saturday) at 3pm. The instructor, Stella Krieger, will be responsible for conducting the practice, she is a businesswoman and owner of Studio BodyExpression for over 20 years in the market, in addition to a physiologist and physical educator.

CAOA’s Executive Director of After-Sales, Rogério Gonzaga, reinforces that “this mobilization on the subject is extremely important. Breast cancer still kills many women and we know that this is just a way to raise awareness, since in 95% of cases with early cancer diagnoses, there is a cure. ”

In addition to Lives, CAOA is promoting a chain of good in all its dealerships and social media, where everyone is invited to leave a message for women who are undergoing treatment. The public can send their messages through the link:

Pink October

From a US Congress in the early 1990s, October was determined to be the international month for breast cancer awareness and prevention. In it, everyone is encouraged to discuss the topic, warn about the importance of early diagnosis and disease prevention. Recently, cervical cancer was included to be part of this important campaign.


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