Carl Pei: Co-founder of OnePlus officially leaves the brand


The time has come. It was 7 years as the face of OnePlus and the young Co-founder of the brand ends up leaving the company to found a new project.

Carl-Pei is only 31 years old, however, on his resume are manufacturers such as OPPO and OnePlus. At OnePlus he played a fundamental role for the community. It is now time to leave.

Carl Pei officially leaves OnePlus

The rumors were many and Carl Pei did not hide these rumors in some Twitter posts. Today we have the official confirmation published by the same in the forum of OnePlus.

“After 7 years at OnePlus, I made the decision to say goodbye.” That’s how his huge farewell letter to the young enterpeneur’s fans started.

He went on to say “Just turned 24 when OnePlus started, that’s where I spent most of my 20’s (twenty) and also where I grew up. Since nervously interviewing my first employee, facing a great fear of the stage the first time I presented a product, learning how to manage a team … The journey has been real. The things we have achieved and learned, I cannot imagine a more rewarding adventure. “

What Carl Pei says about his future

In the farewell letter Carl Pei does not talk about his next plans. He says he will take some time off to spend a little time with friends and family. Finally, he says that he will follow “his heart”. Rumors indicate that the young man is about to start his company, however, there is still nothing official in this regard.

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