Carla Perez spends time with Xanddy in ‘natural bathroom’ in Hawaii – 10/20/2020


Carla Perez and Xanddy are in Hawaii, in the United States, to celebrate their 19 years of marriage. The famous couple made a trail at the tourist site and recorded a perrengue moment of the natural walk.

In a video shared by the dancer, the singer said he wanted to use the bathroom before starting the walk, but the two were forced to use the all-natural toilet.

“We just asked here if there were any bathrooms along the way and said that there isn’t … but there is! It is a natural bathroom. He said he has to go through the woods here,” said Xanddy.

After peeing under a tree and being caught by her husband, Carla also recorded a video of him doing his needs.

“At these times, man is great. The privilege of being a man, see, guys? It was so embarrassing for me,” she said.


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