Carlos Acutis teaches us to move away from mediocrity in faith


As the first blessed in jeans and sneakers, the rector of the sanctuary where Carlos Acutis is buried addresses all young people, recalling that his example shows us that “holiness is very current and is for all of us”.

Bianca Fraccalvieri – Vatican News

Today the Church gains a new blessing, an “angel of youth” to intercede with the Father.

On the Apostolic Exhortation Christ is alive, inspired by the testimony of Carlos Acutis, Pope Francis addresses young people with these words:

“Do not let hope and joy rob you, narcotize you to use you as a slave to your interests. Dare to be more, because your being is more important than anything else; you do not need to have or seem. You can become what God your Creator knows you are, if you recognize how much you are called to. He invokes the Holy Spirit and moves confidently towards the great goal: holiness. So, you will not be a photocopy; you will be fully yourself. ”

Beato in jeans and sneakers

Of all the cardinal (prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance) and theological virtues (faith, hope and charity), it is the fortress that stands out most in Carlos Acutis, as stated by the Capuchin friar Carlos Acácio Gonçalves Ferreira, rector of the Shrine of Despojamento in Assisi, where the young man is buried.

“With the little shepherds of Fátima, Carlos Acutis learned that we need to sacrifice ourselves, not be afraid of sacrifice for the sake of others, for the salvation of others.”

Being the first blessed of jeans and sneakers, Frei Carlos addresses all young people, recalling that the example of Acutis shows us that “holiness is very current and is for all of us”.

“Carlos was very careful not to fall into the traps of temptation. One of today’s temptations is not to surrender fully to God, thinking that this will not make us happy. Before he died, when asked if he was not sad about dying young, he replied : ‘No, because I didn’t waste a minute of my life doing things that don’t please God.’ In other words, for Carlos, pleasing God means having a full life. Not pleasing God means wasting life. So courage, we will remove the temptation of mediocrity in faith and spirituality and always give our hearts more to God. “


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