Carlsen with a sour ending in Norway Chess – two losses in less than a week


Magnus Carlsen had to give up for Levon Aronian in the last round of Norway Chess. It is his first loss with white pieces in long chess in barely three years.

Magnus Carlsen lost with white pieces for the first time in almost three years. Photo: Carina Johansen

Carlsen realized the defeat and gave up after 58 moves. Thus, he went on his second loss in classic chess in less than a week. Until recently, he had gone 125 games and 802 days without losing.

The problems for Carlsen started when Aronian struck with the jumper in the 20th move. It sent the Norwegian chess set out on thin ice, and he never managed to recover.

Carlsen fought for a long time to force a draw and a decision in Armageddon, but the attempt was in vain. It is the first time since 2017 that he loses a long chess game with white pieces.

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The game in the beginning

Magnus Carlsen came to the last round in Norway Chess as the overall winner. He secured his third title in the Stavanger tournament when he took advantage of Alireza Firouzja’s huge roar on Thursday. The Iranian super talent was on his way to a draw, but got stung after moving the king piece the wrong way.

The next day, Carlsen was in a playful mood. With a so-called queen gambit in the opening, he gave Aronian something to ponder early on. The Armenian spent over seven minutes figuring out his tenth move.

– I thought it would be a certain humor to play this variant against Aronian. Yesterday he played a substitution variant (against Norwegian Aryan Tari) which I now also do, but with opposite colors. Since he thinks a lot now, it probably indicates that he was a little surprised, Carsen explained in the “confession box” shown on TV 2.

In Norway Chess, players can talk directly to viewers along the way. It gives them the opportunity to explain their choices and say what they think about the party.

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Raised 700,000

Aronian’s reflection time gave Carlsen an early advantage on the clock, but that advantage completely disappeared when he himself spent well over 20 minutes on his 16th move.

– I’m not particularly afraid of the use of time. This only shows that Carlsen has a great desire to play very aggressively. If he intends to attack the king of Aaron, this is what should happen. Because if Aronian is allowed to stabilize with a few more moves, the position is quite similar and not quite as exciting, said TV 2’s Swedish chess expert Nils Grandelius.

But a few moves later, Aronian’s offensive came with the springer, and it created a whole new dynamic in the party.

In the final table, Carlsen finished at the top with 19.5 points. 17-year-old Firouzja has impressed a lot in Stavanger and ended the point behind the Norwegian world champion. Aronian took third place with his 17.5 points.

Norway’s former junior world champion, Aryan Tari, managed to keep Fabiano Caruana in the draw on Friday. In the ensuing Armageddon party, the American became too strong. Tari finished last with 3.5 points in the summary.

These are the premium payments in this year’s Norway Chess (in kroner):

1) Magnus Carlsen: 700,000

2) Alireza Firouzja, Iran: 370.000

3) Levon Aronian, Armenia: 230.000

4) Fabiano Caruana, USA: 180,000

5) Jan-Krzysztof Duda, Poland: 170,000

6) Aryan Tari,: 160.000.


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