Carol Narizinho comments fight with Luiza Ambiel in reality


Carol Narizinho participated in Live do Eliminado, on the channel “A Fazenda 2020” (RecordTV) on YouTube, and talked with the presenters about her fight with Luiza Ambiel in the first weeks of the program.

I didn’t think it was me, I went to console her. I went to say, ‘What happened, what happened?’ And she said, ‘No, get out of here. “Jake said to me,’ Come here, she doesn’t want to talk to you, she’s mad at you. ‘I said,’ Me? Me? ‘Then I was desperate, why not? he didn’t even know what I had done “.

Asked if she would have the same reaction if she were in Luiza Ambiel’s place, Carol said no. “I don’t know, I’m not a mother to say, but I think inside, even more when you miss your family out here, then everything becomes more potent. Sometimes a joke …”, he pondered.

That’s what I told her, I thought I was joking, I thought I was talking lightly, that she was taking it lightly because we had the intimacy for it. But it took a wound from her, something I didn’t want to do with her at all. But at the time she thought it could be on purpose “.

About Rodrigo Moraes’ participation in the discussion – he was the one who held Carol and carried her to the room, carrying her – she said she didn’t like it. “We fought over it. And he sent me to the field because of it, because of all this conflict.”

“That’s why I was very angry, I said: ‘Luiza, if you have a problem with a person, you have to solve it with the person, speak and give the person the opportunity to defend themselves, and not go and speak to other people, because this generated our second garden, which was me – indicated by him because of this confusion – she, the most voted of the house, the JP that was left over, and Lidi, who was pulled from the stall “, he said.

Carol, however, did not see Rodrigo’s bad intention. “I think he wanted to calm me down, he wanted to put me in the room and I didn’t want to stay in the room, I wanted to go over there and talk to her. Because when I have a problem, I like to solve it right away. badly resolved or talking to other people, just like she did, that it was wrong. “

Finally, asked if she thought Rodrigo had held her too tightly when separating her from the fight, Carol pinned her. “I really think he didn’t have to meddle there, right? I wasn’t going to do anything against her, just talk and understand why she was angry, what I had done, apologize, put the drips on the is” , he clarified.


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