Carol Narizinho is eliminated from A Fazenda with 29.51% of the votes – A Fazenda


The Farm 12 came to an end for Carol Narizinho! The peoa was eliminated from the competition in the live program of this Thursday (15) with 29.51% of the votes. The ex-panicat lost the dispute against Biel and Tays Reis for the public’s preference in a vote held in

In the fifth Formation of Roça this season, Fazendeira Luiza Ambiel indicated Tays Reis directly to Roça. Then Lipe gave Lucas the Green Flame of the Lampião do Poder, who had to change all the pawns in the stall. Jojo, Juliano, Stéfani and Tays left, and Biel, Mateus, Mariano and Victoria entered. For the house, Carol Narizinho was the most voted, with 5 votes. The paoa pulled Biel from the bay. At Resta Um, Mariano was not saved by any of the pedestrians and ended up taking the last place in Roça.

After a Farmer’s Trial that demanded aim, strength, agility and balance from our pawns, Mariano emerged victorious and secured the most coveted hat at headquarters, getting rid of a possible elimination.

In reality, the ex-panicat showed all her love for animals, made friends and even taught the crowd how to make sweets, but it was at parties that the paoa drew attention. Carol Narizinho had fun, caused disagreements and disturbed the early nights at headquarters. Not even Gabriel Medina got rid of the ex-panicat’s comments.

Not everyone enjoyed the animation of the peoa. Rodrigo Moraes said there was a lack of “blood in the eyes” of the model.

How will Carol Narizinho’s departure influence the game? To know, follow The Farm 12! The reality show airs from Monday to Friday right after the soap opera Jesus; on Saturdays, after City Alert and on Sundays after the Spectacular Sunday!


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