Carol Narizinho is eliminated from ‘A Fazenda’


On a farm night that broke a new record in the history of “A Fazenda 2020” (RecordTV), Carol Narizinho was eliminated from the program with 29.51%. Tays Reis was the most voted by the public, receiving 37.47%, followed by Biel, with 33.01%. Biel was the first pawn to be saved and released by Marcos Mion to return to headquarters.

Who remains in the game, who remains in our program, is you, Tays “.

The singer cheered and ran back to headquarters. Upon reaching the front door, Tays shouted and part of the pedestrians cheered in the room.

Understand how the garden was formed

The farmer Luiza Ambiel indicated Tays Reis for the field. Carol Narizinho was the most voted of the house, receiving 5 votes. Following the regulation of reality, the person most voted for the house must pull a pawn from the stall for the hot seat and Carol pulled Biel. In the dynamic of “Resta um”, Mariano ended up remaining and automatically fell into the risk zone. Following the program’s protocol, the last pawn to form the farm must veto someone from the farmer’s test. Mariano chose to veto Biel, who, according to him, is a strong competitor of tests.


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