Carol Narizinho says Raissa’s explosions are not pretending


During the participation of Carol Narizinho in Hora do Faro, Fabíola Gadelha and Li Martins affirm that the explosions of Raissa Barbosa – who suffers from borderline disorder – in A Fazenda 12 are a pretense.

Li Martins, ex-farm e ex-Rouge, stated that Raissa “made a scene” when he kicked things out of the house after the argument with Narizinho.

Fabíola Gadelha also expressed his opinion. “I don’t even have to go halfway through her madness to punch a person in the face,” said the journalist.

The ex-panicat and 5th eliminated from reality was questioned by Léo Dias and the answer was definitive. Narizinho said he does not believe that the confining colleague creates confusion as a strategy in the game.

“I think they are [os surtos] they are true, she is really out of control “, said the ex-peoa.

Repercussion on Twitter

Fans of the reality show were not happy that the guests on the show questioned the truth of Raissa Barbosa’s mental state, who suffers from borderline disorder, and went to Twitter to complain.


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