Carolina Dieckmann talks about marriage and recalls paparazzi harassment


Carolina Dieckmann and her husband, Tiago Worcman (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Married since 2007 to director Tiago Worcman, Carolina Dieckmann said that the beginning of their relationship was troubled due to the harassment of the paparazzi:

– I remember that when I separated from Marcos (Fleet) and I started dating Tiago, there were people following me on the bike … And then, it was dangerous … Today, the artists split up and whoever imagines a bike, with a camera, behind – said the actress on a live with Nathalia Dill when they discussed how they deal with family exposure in the media.

Still in the conversation, Carolina said that her husband changed his lifestyle. She confessed that before she was a fan of junk food and did not like to exercise. So she ended up gaining a lot of weight during the two times she became pregnant:

– He has had a very ruled life for many years, so he put a lot of health into my life … I learned to eat with him, I learned to cook healthy things with him, I learned to take pleasure in thinking about it with him . So, today, for sure even if I were going to discount food that was not so nice or that I was not feeling so well, I would not eat the same things anymore.


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