Cartola’s Tips: See the best names by position for you to myth – 10/17/2020


Another round is left behind and Cartola approaches the end of the turn. The 17th will start this weekend and the focus is on myth again.

But what are the best options to myth? Let’s get to the names.


Jean – Atlético-GO x Athletico

Live a good moment as well as the team that is at the top of the table. The opponent suffers at the bottom. There are 19 difficult saves in 14 games.

João Paulo – Coritiba x Santos

Coritiba surprised many in the middle of the week by doing, away from home, three at Palmeiras. Still, it has the second worst attack by the Brazilian.

Muriel – Fluminense x Ceará

A goalkeeper who lives a good phase and has scored positively in almost all the last rounds. It is possible to have SG here. There are 15 difficult defenses in 13 games.

Marcelo Lomba – Inter x Vasco

Here the bet is on SG, however much Lomba has improved in difficult defenses recently. It comes from a very bad score and should be valued.

Diego Cavalieri – Botafogo x Goiás

Average of a difficult defense per game, which increases your chance of making a positive point. There is a chance to keep the SG against the competition lantern.


Felipe Jonathan – Coritiba x Santos

Side with great chances to score well in the round. There are 49 tackles so far in 15 matches, more than three per match. And there’s still a chance for SG.

Aderlan – Red Bull Bragantino x Sport

It is a team that hardly leaves the field without being leaked, but the defender steals many balls. There are 46 tackles in 14 games.

Victor Luis – Botafogo x Goiás

A beautiful sequence of positive points. He averages more than three tackles per game and has scored two goals.

Guilherme Arana – Bahia x Atlético-MG

He lives a great phase and has participated directly in four goals from Atlético. He has reached the attack well and still steals the ball, there are 25 tackles in 15 games.

Reinaldo – São Paulo x Grêmio

São Paulo seems to have improved in the competition and Reinaldo disarms, on average, more than twice a match. He already has three goals and gave an assist.


Léo Ortiz – Red Bull Bragantino x Sport

Two tackles per match and almost always scores positively. The bad news is that there was only SG once.

Júnior Alonso – Bahia x Atlético-MG

Defender is back after games for the national team. There are 29 tackles in 12 matches, an excellent average, for those who can leave the field with SG still.

Victor Cuesta – Inter x Vasco

We no longer expect a lot of him in a season when he disarms much less than in 2019. But he has a chance of SG and 26 balls are stolen in 15 games.

Kanu – Botafogo x Goiás

Goiás suffers many goals from defenders, yes, we are in a bold bet for the round. He has 23 tackles in 15 duels.

Nino – Fluminense x Ceará

He has already disarmed 21 times in 14 duels for Fluminense. You have a chance to go out with SG against Ceará.


Thiago Galhardo – Inter vs Vasco

It is unanimous, you can never leave it out. And there is an extra in this round, the famous law of the ex.

Nenê – Fluminense x Ceará

The bad part is that it depends on participating offensively to score well, even more that misses a lot, there are 151 in 13 games, more than ten per game. The good part is that there were seven goals and an assist.

Nathan – Bahia x Atlético-MG

Three goals and an assist in eight matches. Sampaoli’s team must put pressure on a Bahia who has not yet joined the Brazilian.

Otero – Corinthians x Flamengo

Scores almost always well. New coach coming, Corinthians comes from a painful and exciting victory in the coach’s debut. You should score even without a goal.

Caio Alexandre – Botafogo x Goiás

They have four goals in 14 games and face the worst defense of the Brazilian with an average of almost three goals conceded per match.


Keno – Atlético-MG x Bahia

If you climb, it can go wrong as in the last round. If you leave it out, it will myth and a lot of people will come out in front of you.

Luciano – São Paulo x Grêmio

Another law of the ex in the field. There are four goals and an assist in 11 matches.

Matheus Babi – Botafogo x Goiás

Another who has scored four times and assisted. But in this case, there were 14 games.

Pedro – Corinthians x Flamengo

He lives a great phase, made two against Goiás in a match that did not count for Cartola.

Robson – Coritiba x Santos

It’s not a name if you want to go with Santos supporters. But it is the main offensive name of Coritiba and scores positively almost always. There are 31 submissions in 16 games and six goals, plus an assist.


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