Cartolouco says he’s old enough to make Luiza Ambiel happy


Cartolouco keeps trying to invest in Luiza Ambiel in “A Fazenda 12”. Today, Marcos Mion asked the participants of the reality show at Record how the couples had been after the “Emojis” party, and soon the journalist spoke up.

“Luiza doesn’t want me,” joked Cartolouco, who also called the model “mozão”.

Luiza then replied, “But what about his age and mine, Mion?”

But Cartolouco continued with the arguments and drew laughter from the other participants in the program.

“I’m old enough to make you happy, Luiza!” He said.

During the “Emojis” party, Cartolouco wasted no time in checking Luiza Ambiel, with whom he even said he wanted to marry.


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